Things To Remember For Creative Video Production

These days even kids are video makers, thanks to all the gadgets with cameras. There is no need of training or anything people think that just by pressing the recording button one can easily become a video producer. Things are not that simple as it seems, if video making or producing is so simple then why photographers and video producers are highly paid and hired. So many things need to be considered while producing a video, YES! Many among us are thinking about the content (that is true) good content is very necessary but, there are other things which completes a corporate video production in Canberra and are directly related to the production of video. 

Brightness: the lightening effect even if the content is fabulous and every other thing is up to the mark but, the actual visual of the video is not bright or clear? This will negatively impact the message of the video and will definitely not catch the attention of the viewer. Technological advancement is the key factor in making a creative video. After all there is no point of being so creative, if that creativity is not visible to others. We all have heard this statement “lights, camera… action” DEDO lights, soft lights and LED lights are a must haves on the set. 

Color: Yeah! Yeah! the era is no more black and white it’s colored but here we are talking specifically about the color combination, accurate lighting and the background color of the video. While making a video it is important to see the background color and likewise impose the brightness (which is lighting) and the color selection. Otherwise how could we see such good looking models wearing a perfect suit which exactly compliments the color of everything around? 

Lens: In order to take the video making to the next level one has to strictly select the lens of the video cam. Some of us might know the term ND filter which is quite in these days, certainly there are some cool benefits of adding this filter into your video making, in simple terms it’s like sunglasses for the camera. For example if one is shooting with a 50mm 1.4 lens on a camera and shooting outside the shelter definitely due to ton of light out there the ND filter is necessary as it will allow the smooth motion, because here is the thing when you are shooting outside to follow the 180 degree rule is a must (increase the shutter speed way up to compensate that too much light), but specifically if shooting a video which means 30 frames a second and want to follow the 180 degree rule than one has to adapt 60 frames a second. The problem is if one wants to keep the aperture set right and have a blurry background (one cannot mess with the shutter speed here) obviously one has to change the aperture in video mode to keep the smooth motion and that’s where ND filter steps in